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Black Azaré

Standard Retro Enamel Mug

Standard Retro Enamel Mug

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With our standard retro enamel mug, you can add a touch of vintage flair to your moments of coffee, tea, or outdoor adventures. Its retro design, versatility, resistance and comfort of use make it a perfect choice for hot drink lovers and camping enthusiasts. Enjoy a unique drinking experience with this retro enamel mug.

spiritual utensil

An ideal companion for your moments of contemplation and spiritual connection. This mug perfectly combines retro charm with a touch of spirituality, creating a unique piece that will add a magical dimension to your daily routine.

Retro design and timeless aesthetics:

Our standard retro enamel mug is a true timeless classic. Its retro design evokes a nostalgia for bygone eras and adds a touch of elegance to your drinking experience. Whether you're a fan of vintage style or just looking to bring a unique aesthetic to your dinnerware, this retro enamel mug is sure to grab attention.

Versatility for coffee, tea and camping:

This enamel cup is versatile and suitable for different types of drinks. Whether enjoying your morning coffee, enjoying a relaxing cup of tea, or even taking it along on your camping adventures, this mug is ready to accompany you in all your drinking experiences. Its practical design and standard size make it a versatile choice for different occasions.

Resistant materials for outdoor use:

Made of high quality enamel, our mug is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. It is impact, scratch and corrosion resistant, making it an ideal choice for camping, picnics or outdoor activities. You can transport it worry-free, knowing it will withstand the toughest conditions.

Comfort of use and ease of maintenance:

The standard retro enamel mug offers optimal convenience. Its ergonomic handle allows you to hold it easily and securely, while its thick walls protect you from the high temperatures of your drink. Plus, enamel is an easy-to-clean material, you just need to rinse it with warm water and wash it with a mild detergent to keep it clean and ready to use again.
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